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Grow Hair

Awaken™ Hair therapy perhaps you've tried lotions, potions, or considered radical or expensive hair replacement techniques.  Maybe you've just ignored it. But the fact is, you're losing your hair.  This condition seriously affects self-esteem, confidence and shapes how the world perceives you.  Fortunately , there's a new treatment solution that provides more than just hope for those who suffer from hair loss: Awaken is lighting the way to a new direction for beautiful hair and skin.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT)?

Light energy, when delivered at a specific frequency range has a bio-simulating effect on the body.  This low power laser system uses a combination of visible red light, providing topical

heat that allows skin pores to open, and invisible infrared light, which penetrates beyond the scalp and reaches the cell structure below. This light combination simulates cell growth at the atomic level , which promotes tissue repair, accelerates blood circulation, and excites division.

Awaken Skin Therapy treatment program designed to enhance the appearance of skin. Medical studies of wound healing, a process that requires accelerated growth and regeneration of skin cells have demonstrated that treatment with Awaken technology improves cell health and promotes healing in damaged tissues.



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